“Samurai Assassins”: Table of Contents

Note On Dates, Names, Romanization, Pronunciation, Etc.

Map of Japan

Map of Kyōto



Part I: The Assassination of Ii Naosuké and the Beginning of the End of the Tokugawa Bakufu

  • Chapter 1: The Background of the Assassination of Ii Naosuké
  • Chapter 2: The Conspiracy to Assassinate Ii Naosuké
  • Chapter 3: The Assassination of Ii Naosuké

Part II: The Rise and Fall of Takéchi Hanpeita and the Tosa Loyalist Party

  • Chapter 4: The Gap
  • Chapter 5: Takéchi Hanpeita and His Tosa Loyalist Party
  • Chapter 6: The Assassination of Yoshida Tōyō
  • Chapter 7: “Divine Punishment”
  • Chapter 8: Lord Yōdō’s Comeback
  • Chapter 9: The Assassination of Anégakōji Kintomo
  • Chapter 10: Lord Yōdō’s Crackdown
  • Chapter 11: In Prison (1)
  • Chapter 12: The Failed Rebellions of Chōshū and Mito
  • Chapter 13: In Prison (2)
  • Chapter 14: The Stoicism of a Samurai: Takéchi Hanpeita’s Death

Part III: The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryōma

  • Chapter 15: Ryōma’s Greatest Achievements
  • Chapter 16: The Motives
  • Chapter 17: Unsolved Mystery—To a Certain Extent
  • Chapter 18: The Assassins
  • Chapter 19: The Attack
  • Chapter 20: The Aftermath
  • Chapter 21: Civil War
  • Chapter 22: “The Man Who Killed Sakamoto Ryōma”

Epilogue: The Second Existential Crisis of the Samurai Class


Table of Era Names

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